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44 facts about france

August 8th marks the first recorded ascent of Mont Blanc. June 18th, Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. France became the most populous country in Europe and had tremendous influence over European politics, economy, and culture. France is the largest in Europe by area and the 43rd largest country in the world. March 2014. Jules Ferry Law is enacted, which gives free, compulsory, secular education for boys and girls from 6 to 13 years of age. The country is named France after the conquering Franks. Here are the top interesting facts about the country France, including the language, currency, flag and the world-famous Eiffel Tower, enjoy! 1. Explore this dramatic country with our list of interesting Norway facts. On this blog, we share travel inspiration and planning information so that you can go on a worry-free trip. “Socialist Candidate Is Elected First Female Mayor of Paris.” The Washington Post. 22Williams, Vanessa. September 16, 2003. Predating Stonehenge by around 100 years, there are over 3,000 upright stones, most about thigh-high. First complete geological map of France is completed. Quick Fact: Every summer more than 100 professional cyclists race in the Tour de France.The race is approximately 2,000 miles long. Julius Caesar launches his invasion of Britain from the Côte d’Opale in northern France; Gauls defeat the Romans at Gergovia. 18. Homosexuality and Civilization. Widely recognized for awe-inspiring architecture and gorgeous countrysides, France is also frequently spoken of for its destinations such as Paris and the Palace of Versailles. France ranks first among all European countries in the production of agricultural products. The Viaduc de Millau, designed by British Architect Sir Norman Foster, carried a massive 4.43 million vehicles in 2005, its first year of operation. 11Hebden, Nicole. 17Renick, Oliver. Swung into action in 1955, the Aiguille du Midi is known as Europe’s highest and scariest cable car ride. It was almost torn down in 1909 but was spared because it proved an ideal transmitter needed for the new science of radiotelegraphy. Proclamation of the Third Republic. French Culture and Society: The Essentials. The three largest countries are: Russia, the Ukraine and France. November 17, 2009. After checking out these facts about France, discover some of the most fascinating facts about New York . 15Pybus, Victoria. Germany surrenders to Allied Forces at 2:41 a.m. on May 7th. 10 Facts About France France, known officially as the French Republic, comprises the landmass south of the United Kingdom, separating Spain and Portugal from the rest of Europe. Mediterranean Sea is joined to the Atlantic by the Canal de Garonne. The French created their own form of the Internet called the Minitel (or Minitel telematics system) in the 1980s, which made France a world leader in household telematics but ironically slowed France’s eventual acceptance of the Internet. The Celtic Parisii tribe sets up camp on the Île de la Cité and name the settlement Lutetia (Lutèce). Universal male suffrage is announced. 5 French Language Facts: 1. 3Baycroft, Timothy. 8France. Of these 50 countries only 44 have their capital city on the European continent! Treaty of Versailles signed; Germany officially surrenders. © 2021 Fact Retriever LLC. He introduced Arabic numerals to Western Europe. Little House on the French Prairie. Ponder our interesting Greece facts to discover azure coastlines, picturesque villages, and a dynamic history that gave birth to Western civilization. The Vichy Regime is established on July 10, 1940, led by Marshal Petain. The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum with more than 9 million yearly visitors. Each year, 44 million tourists visit Paris and the surrounding Ile de France … ), making it … 12“History.” Crayola.com. “Paris Has Only One Stop Sign: Police.” The Local: French Edition. Agricultural lands occupy 4/5 of the entire French territory. 7Fenwick, Hubert. 3rd ed. One of the interesting facts in France is the high number of UNESCO heritage sites. The route changes from year to year. 2. The Eiffel Tower is named after its engineer, ‘ Gustave Eiffel.’ It is one of the most recognized structures in the world, even though its construction was criticized by some of France’s leading artists and intellectuals. Armistice is signed on June 17th. London, UK: Arnold Publishers, 2001. From July 1st through 19th, the First Tour de France bicycle race (six stages, 1,518 miles) takes place. The bronze flame of liberty, a replica of the torch carried by the. France has won the most Nobel prizes in literature. Nazi Regime occupies France. [20] Read our Russia facts here. 21Williams, Nicola. Only 11 factories in the French Jura region are licensed to produce it. When all of France’s possessions around the world are taken into account, including French Polynesia, French Guyana, and Martinique, France occupies the most time zones of any country: 12 of them. There Are 44 UNESCO Heritage Sites In France. ... France has 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. France is also extremely green and popular: Around 25% of its landscapes are covered by forests, and it gets around 80 million tourists every year (! The average person in France consumes 11.5 quarts (10.9 liters) of pure alcohol per year, compared to 8.7 quarts (8.2 liters) in the UK and 6.7 quarts (6.3 liters) in the U.S. 30,000 in fact - which represents over half of all the roundabouts in the world. It is 50.5 kilometers long. French postage stamps were introduced in 1849 with the first definitive stamp showing Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture. 4Crompton, Louis. Originally known as “Le chant de guerre pour L’Armée du Rhin” (“War Song for the Army of the Rhine”), the National Guard of Marseille made the song famous by singing it while marching into. “French Woman Marries Dead Partner.” The Guardian. An English book  contains the first ever mention of French toast, A French newspaper journalist created the Tour de France, A star by Notre Dame marks the Point Zero of Paris, The Eiffel Tower came close to being torn down in 1909, The storming of France's north beaches during World War II was crucial in ending the Nazi occupation of Europe. France is the largest nation in Western Europe, with countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra and Monaco sharing its boundary. A person who can speak French fluently is known as a Francophone. In 2018, 89.4 million tourists from foreign countries visited France, the first tourist destination in the world ahead of Spain (82.8 million) and the USA (80 million). About 7.5 crores every year. Louis XIV accedes to the throne; Cardinal Mazarin is his chief minister; Louis XIV moves the royal court to Paris and builds Versailles.

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